Day 4/13

en_isell_1 I know, I just  finished a 12 day workathon, and now we are on to a 13 day one ! Oh well, least we are getting this done and once I am all done with this damn debt bit, I can move on to other things. I know right, I keep telling this to myself !

I did get back on the gym bandw agon and make it this morning after having missed yesterday morning and evening and morning the day before. I managed to push my cardio to getting at least 350 calories in 30 minutes and the wife has been coming with me as well. That is a huge deal for me since it will go a long way to making things work between us. She has an insane cardio capacity, we just need to get our dietary habits in check. I think I should work on getting better and start cooking more. Or better phrased, start cooking ! I think I should get the fire department’s number on speed dial.

Speaking of diet, I did get Nature Made cereal from Amazon and I do like it. It is certified GMO free, Organic and with whole grains. Splendid. One step closer to eating healthier, and one step closer to getting in better shape. I know I have been unable to stay diligent on my diet but for the most part I have been good. This week esp so and I have made it to do cardio in the AM 2/3 days with today being the only day I have missed. I cannot say I am not seeing the benefits already with just a week and a half in but this will be a battle I will win ! To return to my standard war cry – die fat die ! I need to find me some healthy snacks and non gmo cereal bars.

I am looking at an India trip in November. I still have to work out the details, but for now I am thinking of Calcutta to Ranchi, to Delhi, to Vrindavan to Mathura to Kerala and back to the US from Kerala. I think I may just be able to pull that off.

Also on the list of things to do is to stay away from Etsy. I spent way too much there today incl a notebook portfolio holder ! Well coming to think of it, it was the only thing I got, the rest are in my cart and I closed it… Thank God ! Must stay frugal! Fight on ! Oh and I also sell on Etsy so I am not sure how that staying away from it is going to work out!

Ok random blabbing aside, all is well with the world ! Yayy !


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