Macro Monday has been pushed back to Tuesday because Monday was a good kind of cluster. I had to go to a photography class to learn to play with the strobes and that was much enjoyed. That took up better part of the afternoon and then I met up with a friend and followed it up with a massive workout, so much so my biceps are still sore. I was also glad I could do pull ups with more weight having managed to belt out eight reps with a 17.5 lb barbell added on. Sweet ! So Monday was grand. I did not even have to wait till thankful Thursdays to be thankful for a gala day that was Monday ! Life is good.

Keeping on track with the life is good theme I realize I am going to Mexico Friday and Portugal the following Friday. How in good God’s name can I complain ! Throw in interview Wednesday and there you have your cherry on top of the pie ! Thank you again, how can I be ungrateful !

There is a free webinar on Understanding and shaping light ratios for dynamic portraiture just in time for me to learn more about using the strobes on the 26th!  Man the good luck keeps pouring in esp given that I am travelling on the 27th ! Boom !! Now once I get better with the lighting aspect of it I hope to move the strobes outside their glorified containers and into actual use.

Speaking of health my paranoid self is seeing some mild gyno from the topical test so I ordered some aromatase inhibitors and will talk to my doctor about it. The test is slowly kicking in and I have been grateful for it , but the gyno I can live without. I will look into that later this month. Maybe after I come back from vacation. My knees have gone down the chute, but I can still workout with it and so I am happy about it. Its knee braces all the way in Lisbon for me.

More madness later


Update 1:  I was staring at the 70 sheets of sekonic L478 DR manual and did not know if I could figure out how to trigger the profoto D1’s with it. I gave it a cursory glance but then having the attention span of a goldfish I decided to just call the Sekonic help desk at MAC group. And in under 10 seconds I had someone on the phone and they said I could if I added a pocket wizard to the D1 heads. Boom. Problem solved. Ask and receive !! Thank you !

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