Catch Up Tuesdays !

I missed thankful Thursday and macro Monday ! Thankfully I remember on Tuesday and now we have catch up Tuesdays ! What am I thankful for this wonderful day. The weather, good Lord it is gorgeous outside. I can drive with my windows down and its just beautiful. After having months of 110 weather it sure feels nice to step on out and not burn !

Also I am thankful for being busy enough to forget. It involved one farewell party (for my boss  – Yayy vacancy!!) , a birthday party (Yayy friends!!), photographing silver (Yayy business!!), my sisters kids (Yayy family!!) and packing for Portugal (Yayy travel!!) Seriously, the win is strong in this one ! How can I not be thankful for all of the reasons I was tied up.

I am also thankful for my health which has been up and down but then it was up for a while and if its down it means it can only go up ! Also my workouts got better with me missing a few days and giving my muscles a rest. I went up a plate on the t bar rows (least thats what I call it) and my preacher curl went up 10 lbs. Sweet. Now to go on vacay and stuff my face out with food ! lol !

Life is grand !


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