Being happy

Happiness is a choice, I could sit and grumble about the the multiple things I don’t have or need , or the problems that are out there but I am not going to. Heck life is grand.

I have not yet been called for the interview for that job that I want (whether its a good fit or not) and applied for but you know what, its ok, its the universe doing its thing and it will work out in a way that is the best for me. I know it will, simply because it always does. Besides, all the bad months of this year are behind me and the next three are supposed to be good according to my charts. You see how this astrology stuff works out for me when its bad, it will end and when its good – yayy its good. (And this too will pass so it kinda keeps things in check)

Now all this positive thinking aside my plate is a bit full at the moment. I have yet to fix about 2200 pics (I am down 400!! Yeah!) and I still have to take pictures of 40 other articles of jewelry and post them as well. On top of that I have to still work with a trifold I have to prepare for AMI by this weekend. Sigh. Cluster ! Least in my delusional head it is a happy cluster ! 

Oh well, here’s to winging it, just like how we always do it, with a song and a prayer, and enough hard work I am sure this will be overcome as well. 


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