Entrepreneurial Blues & then some

So we are opening up an independent closed door pharmacy, because you know I did not have enough things going on at the moment. (/sarc) So to add to the pile of photographing (trying to) jewelry and listing them, trying to get a promotion, possibly trying to have a baby (the gene must propagate!) we now have opening a pharmacy ! Yikes

So here is where we are at as far as starting up goes –

1) Find partners – Because its not necessarily a one man thing esp when you have a full time job that you need to keep – Check – VF & DM

2) Find a location – Check – One of the partners (VF) has the space. Brilliant !

3) Contracts – That annoying legal detail that prevents us from screwing us over ! This should be done on the 11th or the 10th ideally. This would then get us to the next step.

4) Incorporate –  Due around the 14th.  Legal Zooming my way through this one.

5) Figure out a vendor to get wholesale drugs from. This is turning out to be a nightmare. Finding a co-op isnt easy either. Being closed doors isn’t helping my case too.

Argh… more later..


More Argh moments – PCCA – 16,000$ membership ! Argh.. the wish list gets longer, come on powerball !

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