Growing pains – Staffing.

I am desperately in need of two things – space and staff. I need a 3rd pharmacist to ease the blow. That means finding one who will actually be dependable and reliable. So far we have drawn a blank on #3. I however did find one yet. I do have 3 leads and eventually one of them should pan out.

Sigh, I tell you, this is not an easy task.Its either that or I win a lottery for about 105K and I can quit and run this baby myself all the time ! That is all I need to cover my salary and the initial investment. Well, I would not have health care and all that jazz. Maybe I can find someone to pony up 105k and I can give it back in a while it would be great ! Again one of those if wishes were horses scenario. I did buy a lottery ticket though for what it is worth I do stand an astronomically minuscule chance of this panning out, and given that it is all the odds I have, I will take it.


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