My journey through this thing they call life

5 days later

I am tired of trying to rally people to work and work for themselves at that. I can say I have almost given up. So much so I walked into my director’s office and asked him what he was planning to do with regards to my (former) manager’s vacant position.  Then I told him I want to be interviewed for it I was tired of sitting around and waiting. I am not sure how it took it but I said it was one of corporate’s core behavior was courage and so I figured it wouldn’t be a bad thing to ask.

Besides I need to have some sense of direction and I need to have it now. Life needs to take off, like yesterday.


Update 1 : I have an interview today at another hospital, perhaps it will create a sense of urgency for him

Update 2:  If I hear nothing by Friday I am going to ask him to schedule an interview time ! Needy, yes, but I have limited options at this time and I am not averse to exercising them. If this is how it has to go down, then I guess, this is how it will.

Update 3: The worst thing about failing ideas, you are constantly reminded of the venture by plans you have laid out weeks in advance ! How positively annoying.


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