Learning curve

Things I learnt photographing jewelry

  1. Clean it first ! It will be a pain to fix later and takes about 5 seconds to clean before you have to spend hours trying to dodge and burn.
  2. Clean it again! The cursory brushing does not always get rid of the spots ! Metal polish is your friend.
  3. If using a reflective surface to photograph on – clean that too ! I cannot tell you the pain it is to get rid of spots and fibers from the cleaning cloth after the fact.
  4. There should be now an obvious patter . But since I don’t know how to do this – hope your lens is clean !
  5. Don’t wear a red (or blue or green or whatever) shirt while photographing silver ! It reflects and takes on the color. Heck if I had it my way I would wear an 18 percent gray outfit and a mask in that color !
  6. Did I mention lint free cloth! I know my OCD is showing isnt it !

God this shift is non ending today. 30 more minutes! Come on clock !


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