Shoes, Insanity and an Interview

The best thing that has happened to my feet this yeas has to be Cole Haan Air shoes. Seriously, with my flat feet and plantar fasciitis wearing dress shoes are always a pain. At the end of the day my feet are in agony and I have tried everything under the sun to help me out and kinda failed. Until I found the Cole Haan Air shoes ! God I love them. I went back to my Allen Edmonds today accidentally (it was too early to go searching for shoes!) and I must say I feel a difference already.

My feet are feeling achy and sore and it has only been 4 hrs into this day with another 4 more to go. Don’t get me wrong those AE’s are good solid shoes with great construction but there is only so much that does for my feet. Heck I wont even wear my Ferragamo’s anymore cuz they are so so comfortable.

Now that is covered, I also found out I have an interview for my former manager’s job this coming Monday. Boom ! Begging for an interview for 8 weeks paid off… that and just keeping my nose to the ground and staying wired in everyone’s business. Unfortunately if that is the price I have to pay to get ahead I am more than willing to pay the piper. Esp with the compounding pharmacy plan going down the shitter, there is another area for me to address my energies to.

Also, today was day 1 of insanity. I must say I had my ass kicked 6 ways to sunday and I was on the ground screaming for mercy crying in shame ! I always knew my cardio was weak but damn this was bad. It was so weak I almost think my 3 yr old nephew could outdo me. Shame shame ! On the bright side, at least we started today and so I am excited for it.

Oh and I found a lump in my chest and have to go get a mammogram. Great eh ? I will be the only dude at the boob place and that sure as hell ain’t gonna be fun. So here’s to man boob inspections and hoping I don’t have the scary C !



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