Whatever Wednesdays

Yep, thats what it is, whatever wednesday. I have Thursday off (whatever, its not like I celebrate anything) and then work every day till next Saturday (Sigh.. whatever..right?) and then I have an interview this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. I am tired of being all looked over and left on the curb when it comes to a promotion and honestly all I have done is one of two things – complain loudly to myself and pick up a move. Heck what else can I do.

So this time around I think I have a new plan. I will work on why I was passed over – advanced degrees (maybe, I need an MBA or maybe I should get board certified) pick up and move again (to where not a soul will go to if I have to get the experience) Sigh… Yes I want it that bad! I need to get over it and not be attached to the result..

Alright, I will quit rambling.


Update 1 : What the heck, since I do have a business, I might as well use it to some good. I got a new lens, the 105 macro. Hey It’s a business expense. Now to go stalk the UPS guy.


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