Monday Blues

I got bit by the consumer bug. I went out and got a bunch of junk I don’t need. Well, some of it I sure don’t. I had given up shopping for myself a while back so now to indulge myself I brought junk for my wife! I wound up buying a dozen outfits for her and while she berates me with each incoming mail I think I am going to try a no shopping December. Who am I kidding, I should probably attempt a no shop two weeks at the least. Starting uhm tomorrow of course. I have bills and taxes to pay and that should be considered shopping since I am erm.. stimulating the economy ?! But taxes shouldn’t count, then maybe I can make it through the 2 weeks starting today.

It is also interview Tuesday and Wednesday and that should be a fun time. I have invested too much in the Tuesday interview and well the Wednesday one is the back up to the Tuesday failing. Either way, it is decision making time in the coming weeks and it being the holiday season doesn’t help much in my desire to move up or move on.

I am trying to be happy but I can’t seem to be. I am stuck in this rut where everyday seems to be like drowned out by a rising  miasma of despair. I am not even sure why. I mean I like my job, but I feel under utilized and for anyone else this would be a good thing but I can’t go on like this. I am amazed I lasted so long. Something’s gotta give.


Update : Maybe I am just dehydrated. Heck maybe that’s why I am cranky and just as I type this my brain is going “Ooh coffee sounds good” wtf is up with that !



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