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More post interview sanity

I had my last interview yesterday and I think it went well. I look forward to hearing from them in the coming weeks. I figured that I could get a 7-10% raise in jumping ship and if I get an offer, I can ask my current employer to match that. The worst that could happen is they would say no. and if they do it is at their own loss. As of now they are 5 people short and they can ill afford to lose a sixth, but then I could be completely wrong and they could be happy I am leaving.

I am aware they do not have a retention pay system but it would force my current employer’s hand on the management position which I am having some doubts on. Either way I will make a change in the new year and I think I would like to start afresh. Sometimes, somethings call for a new beginning and I really think the new hospital will be a positive change. Now to hurry up and wait.

Thankfully I have the weekend off and only 60 odd pieces of jewelry to take pics of. More camera fun ! I am so looking forward to it.



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