Shooting myself in the foot

Actual conversation

Boss walks in with interview questions – Lets call him BB for big boss !

VOI – Hey BB, wanna show me those questions

BB – No (*grins)

BB -Are you ready ? (*blank stare)

VOI – I’ve done a few interviews, so I think the questions will be the same. So I think I’m good. (*evil grin)

BB – These are all different questions. (*bigger grin)

VOI – You mean from Selecting —-‘s finest ? (That is the name of the module the managers use for hiring and has all the questions and expected answers and how to rate them) (*sly smile)

BB – Stunned. How ..

VOI – Oh come now, you should know I am resourceful enough..

BB – So you’ve seen it all ?

VOI – Every single one of them

BB –  (*silence ..)

BB – So.. you’re ready (*disappointment)

VOI – I am , I just wanted to see what you’d say if I asked for the questions

The rest of the panel walks in..

Also filed under I have problems with authority figures and a habit of picking fights with astronomical odds.


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