The finding out quest !

Its show time. I hope to corner my boss man and see what he will do with regards to the interview. I will have to ask him for a time line so that I am able to see what his response is. I have a strange feeling that he will be giving me the job esp since now I am thinking on whether or not I want it. Argh.. No more stress shopping.

Update 1 : The bear escaped the trap I laid for him. I will have to try again in a few hours. Damn it, need to corner the wild beast and isolate it for a few minutes !

Update 2 : Too many people in the elevator .. So close

Update 3 : Cornered him outside the elevator, he said he needed to schedule time to talk so I went back and blocked a slot for Friday. This is war and I take no prisoners

Update 4 : That sinking feeling is back again. I don’t know what he will say on Friday and if he actually approved the time slot. Either way it’s go time and sometimes I need an impetus to make a change and if it comes as an external stimulus then so be it. Here’s to about 48 hrs of stress !!

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