Still in limbo

I spend the better part of 90 minutes trying to convince the big boss to hire me. I have never tried so hard to sell myself to anyone ever before. I don’t know if it was effective enough, and I say effective enough because I managed to move the needle from unlikely to maybe yes.

He did mention that I killed the interview and that it was a stellar performance, but his main concern was about moving from peer to boss and he felt it would set people up for failure. I think it was then that I told him about my personal plan for the staff (or my coworkers if one must!) and I think it blew him out the water. I told him I have come too far to fail now and that it was either I get the job or I move on with my career to another system. I made it clear that it wasn’t a threat but it was just something that I needed to do and that while it might be a mistake I was entitled to make that mistake.

In any case, the uncertainty continues now on till Friday. Joy to the world.


PS: God it makes me angry when I think bout it … ! Argh .. What the fuck, no one else wants it, no one else is applying for it and here I am reduced to beggin’ for it . Effin A

PPS: I can’t let it go, I know I should not be attached to the result but I am weak. Argh .. I sound like a whiny child that did not get what he wanted ! Good lord I’m pathetic :/

PPPS: I need a new post! Lol. I am starting to think I will get it. I dunno, but lets do this ! I go in for the blood work and physical for the other job on Friday. All of a sudden things are just gettin real

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