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Pre Friday Fun

Friday is one day away and that means only one more day of mad diarrhea ! I know, beautiful right ? Well its not that bad, to be honest, it is one more day of waiting and having that annoying churning sensation in your stomach. I remembered that the bog boss (BB) had told me that he would inform me before friday to what he decided. So I moseyed over to his office and asked him what the deal was.

VOI : Got 5 minutes ? Cuz I know you are only triple booked for now

BB: Sure, whats up

VOI: You said before friday remember, today is the day before friday !

BB: But you said friday !

VOI: No biggie, I just asked cuz I wanna have normal bowel movements man  (BB looks incredulous) and I don’t wanna go bald … !

BB: (laughs) That is why I keep my hair cmall

VOI: Well if I lose my hair its on you! Just sayin !

BB (laughs) Thanks !

VOI: See ya

And I walked away smiling. What a cluster. Talk about being on pins and needles for the better part of a month and my wife wonders why I am gaining weight !


PS1: Come on already. I am beyond tired of waiting. Yes the wha-ambulance is on the roll. Argh ! I need to get something to distract me but then at the same time I am not able to distract myself since my mind fixates on the outcome. All my attempts at being detached from the outcome is not really working out.

PPS2: The BB changed the deadline to Monday. Talk about moving the goal post. At this point I am thinking how hard is it to at worst, grow a frickin pair and tell me you hate my guts and don’t want me or at best, say you’ve changed your mind and make me an offer. Argh ! There goes the weekend.

One Response to “Pre Friday Fun”

  1. allym007

    Hey sweetie !

    I keep my fingers crossed for you, I hope all is well and that you will spend HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!

    I’m moving to Paris for a while, will be staying with my brother… need a change, need a break… see what I want to do with my life… it’s all very confusing at this stage and my health has been really bad – this is why I have been so withdrawn – but anyway I shall keep in touch and let you know how it goes… hopefully I’ll start writing on my blog again and resume photography… A change of scenery will do me good ! 😉

    I just want to say I love your pictures, they brighten my days !
    I don’t comment often but I follow all your posts almost every day and it is so good to hear from you and see your work.

    Sending you lots of LOVE and wishing you the VERY BEST ! 🙂
    Have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year !!!

    Lots of LOVE xoxoxox


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