STOP ! – Do not pass GO !

Looks like it is time to go. The BB wouldn’t budge on the whole peer to supervisor transition bullshit that he was peddling. I tried to logically break it down but then he was having none of it. In any case, he refused to give me anything tangible to stay behind apart from a few hypothetical possibilities and I told him that I couldn’t stay behind for what may be, in lieu of what is. That coupled with his intransigence and refusal to see logic was just not working for me and I did not see how I could keep working with someone who would stop every move I make. So, in short, I guess it is time to move on.

On the bright side, it is a more money, not by a lot, but 16- 20% is nothing to laugh at either. In any case, no point moping about the details, it is time to move on. Maybe I can stock more whiskey (wink wink DenverSpeakx)  and travel some more. I will be looking at a few weeks in Romania and possibly Croatia in the next 6 months and hopefully that should be fun and yield a ton of pics.

Its been grand here at work, but as with all things, good or bad, this too has to pass. Here’s to more fun adventures in a new place.


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