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New Years and all that jazz

Lump in the chest, did a mamogram – negative. Lump in an X ray – turns out negative as well. And apparently a broken scapula that never healed well ! Seriously talk about having scares one after the other. Anyway, it is time to let this go and leave it behind, a new year is coming. Whata new year without the standard resolutions !  So let’s have at it.

1 – That elusive 6 pack – I want it by Feb ! Before my birthday 🙂 It will be a gift to myself. I think I can do it if I make it a point to hit the gym every single day , perhaps 6 days a week with a day of rest. But if I can make it daily it will be great and also once the training at the new place is over I will be able to go twice a day. I look forward to that.

2 – Save more money. Since I will be making more I want to save that differential. Also I will have to start a gold fund. I will put aside 15% of my money to buy gold and then the rest will be whatever expenses show up.

3 – Follow on with the successful buy no more clothes from last year. I have no need for any and I plan on getting nothing more. I also have a buy a new lens every 6 months plan which will need saving up for. Also if Nikon rumors are to be believed there is a new camera in the works and I may have to start a camera fund. Until that happens the first lens on the horizon is the Nikon 200mm f2 lens. At close to 6000$ this is no joke. In 6 months means I have to save 1000$ a month in addition to the money.

4- Go back to school. There is a Masters in Information Management that I want to do from ASU. This will mean more loans and the kinds. I also have to pay off 10,000$ on my 401k. This was used to buy gold so I don’t have a problem with it at all. But it is a liability. I have a feeling I will be picking up any and every overtime shift I can find.

5- Apply for citizenship. I have long debated the need for this but I am going to do it this coming year and I will be applying by mid year. I can perhaps get the lens along with the same time.

6- Learn to cook. With the risk of having kids becoming real, I need to learn to cook. As always I have an agenda. I want the kids to like vegetarian food and daddy’s cookin !

That’s that. Lets have a follow up in a month and see where it goes.


Update 1 : Used the last day of the year and new year party excuse to add to the whiskey collection. I managed to snag a bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail which derives from the Scotch Gaelic for ‘Dark and Mysterious’ and is apparently named for the Loch from whence Ardbeg draws its waters. It won 2009 best whiskey of the year and I had to add it ! Esp since next year additions will have to be sporadic and difficult in light of the lens plans. I also added a bottle of Caorunn Scottish gin to the slowly blossoming gin pile. (Only 3 bottles deep)

Update 2 : Wife reminded me I am turning 35 next year, talk about a total party pooper !Argh ! It was the magical number when I become responsible in my head. Time to shape up.


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