2014 – Plants & kids edition

So for 2014 I have another item on my agenda – Make that back yard a full on forest. Well at least if the wife lets me get away with it. Ideally I want a couple of (2) fig trees, some cinnamon (in pots), lavenders,  2 black peppers, 2 elderberry and some (maybe 1) Barbados cherries along with some herbs (mint, basil, sage, thyme, peppers) which I want in woolly pockets up along the wall with some clover to draw in the bees. So this would be in addition to 2 more pomegranates I want all in a tiny landing strip of a back yard. It is already getting crowded with about 9 trees (incl the 2 pomegranates) and I seriously think I can squeeze in a few more and the rest I can make a jungle out of with the pots and woolly pockets.  Of course this will be a seriously dent in the austerity plans but at the same time it is something I have been working on and this will be a priority over the lenses. This will be a fun battle once I start but then when the plants have come in there is nothing she can do ! lol !

Ah here is to back yard shenanigans ! Also speaking of shenanigans there is a fight brewing over if we have kids whether or not they will eat beef. I mean as a Hindu, I find that idea repulsive, but then again.. nevermind there is no then again. I dont eat it personally and while I don’t care who else eats what I would rather my kid(s) not eat this. Heck thinking about it perhaps I should hold off on the back yard adventures esp if things get ugly simply because I don’t see myself backing out of the whole process. This is not looking good… sigh..


Update 1: I don’t even think I want to have this discussion with her. I have a feeling it will not end well. I don’t really know, its kind of like playing chicken to see if one person or the other will back out.. and with 2 bull headed people it is not going to end well, for either one of us. One can only pray I guess.

Update 2: She picks first name thats acceptable, I pick middle name, kids won’t eat beef ! Not a shabby situation.

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