Sticker Shock

John Hopkins has an exec MBA for 115,000$ Holy crap ! ASU has one for 78,000$ !! WTF is up with the prices ! I mean at about 6-8% interest you are looking at at least 6000$ in interest payments alone and that’s not even touching the principle ! I mean for crying out loud you would have to make an additional 50,000 $ a year to even justify taking up that kind of loan amount. 

I seriously have no idea how anyone ever goes to school at these prices. OMFG ! I am better of buying crazy priced lenses cuz not only are they cheaper they bring me an immense amount of joy and have a pretty decent resale value ! Ok so I am still reeling from sticker shock for school and I really want to go to school but I will have to figure out how to get some education without committing to a degree perhaps. Heck, at these rates, I might as well go get a PhD ! (Which also has obscene rates because at ASU graduate tuition amounts range from $482 to $852 per credit hour, regardless of residency status! )

Well on the bright side in about 3 weeks I will have a set schedule and will know what my options are. I guess with somethings in life, it will take some waiting for things to fall in place. But still, damn that is some steep steep price on them schooling ! 


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