Good Bye , Hello

Its always hard to say good bye. You always miss letting someone know or wished you could have said it in person. The news always percolates, there is always people knowing before you want them to and then there are the people that you did not want to say a word to finding out ! Then there is the rumor mill of why you left, how you left and what not.. In any case, it’s not easy. There are people you want to keep in touch with only to realize you don’t have their information and it is almost too late to get it.

Then you have people telling you how good you were and that they will miss you and the kinds. This makes for odd conversations because you do not know how to react to this (that whole bit about men being emotional ‘tards is true) and you are left squirming in your seat. The last one was esp hard because she was standing and i did not know how to respond and if I should stand up and what not. 

Oh well..  here’s to an ending …and that invariably means , a new beginning. 


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