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Sick as a ..

Dog !Or it might be sicker than a dog.  i am not sure who came up with that phrase but man this flu or whatever it is that I have has me beat.To make matters worse it comes at a time when I have no insurance coverage since I am transitioning between jobs and my insurance will only kick in on the 1st of March ! Argh. What a complete nightmare. And to top it, I threw out my back today & that just compounds the misery. I do have some antibiotics in my survival stash that I will have to resort to and hopefully it will do the trick (not hopefully, it will do the trick but you know what I mean) . For all those who laughed at me having a survival stash now who is laughing ! Well metaphorically at least, cuz in no way am I actually laughing right now.


Update 1 : Still sick as ever. I managed to sleep 13 hrs yesterday. 13 hours !! I worked for 8  hours and so almost every other moment I was asleep.

Update 2: On day 4 of antibiotics and so respite. If I can’t better by the end of the week I will go to a doctor. Not having insurance blows but it’s the system that’s messed up. Oh well..



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