Still sick

Still sick as heck but I managed to get some work done. I have no idea what possessed me , maybe the house was too dirty or God know what it was but I managed to get a load of laundry done, and did the dishes. I also then managed to get a haircut, shave, and looked completely different than my pathetic sick look I had goin on for the better part of this year, (Mind you, today is also the first day off since the 30th of Dec) so much so I myself was surprised to see my face sans the beard ! 

Then I managed to replace the laptop (Alienware M14x) battery with the one I got from which by the way is the only way to replace your Alienware M14x batteries since Dell does not make them ! WTF is that all about ? Here let me sell you this over priced laptop but not anything you will need to fix it ! In any case the new battery seems to be working as good as the OEM and saved me the trouble of having to go and get a new laptop. Swapping it in and out was easy enough for my 6 yr old nephew to do it and then I send the old battery along its merry way to get recycled.

Managed to meet a friend for lunch and gave him Kata Bug since I went out and got the fstop Loka. I needed a new bag for work big enough to carry a camera, some files and a snack and I think the Loka will fit the bill  and the Tilopa BC would have been overkill. I would have liked it for travelling but for taking to work on a daily basis would have been much. Hey, think about it, given the red neckiness of some of the folk in this state, brown guy with big bag is a threat ! 

Then it hit me like a pile of bricks and I snoozed for 2 hours! I don’t think I am over this yet.. sigh.. 




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