Grill this

ImageWhile I am still sick as f*ck, we had the grill we had ordered online via Amazon delivered to the house. It’s been sitting outside for a week now gathering dust. So this morning was dedicated to making sure it got out the box and got assembled. Normally I would rather pay people money to come in and do it than sit and spend hours tinkering with it. That and coupled with my inherent inability to follow instructions would mean that any assembly would be a challenge. But this is the year of saving money to buy lenses and just save money in general. So It was upto me and the wife to assemble. Anyone that knows her knows that she would rather just give orders than do it herself (haha.. no she does help but still..)

So we were up at the crack of dawn (1030 AM) assembling the grill. For a guy that did not even own a screw driver, I think we did well and managed to get it up and done in about 3.5 hours. Which is not bad given that this is not something we tend to do on a routine basis; and by that I do not mean assemble grills but put things together.

I found out that following instructions can be doable and it is not as intimidating as it looks. I think I am going to re attempt some more self learning processes and not be intimidated by the size of the material at hand and just get it done one step at a time. So far most of my


learning process has been through trial and error and just making a lot of mistakes one after the other and learning from them. But like someone wiser than me said, the wise man learns from the mistakes of others.  So here’s to sticking to one part of the new year resolution and taking a chance with something. The grill assembled looks nice btw. I am glad we went with the stainless steel option and not black. I can only imagine the frequent dusting that it would need.

The first attempt at grilling obviously meant making mistakes because there were no instructions to follow ! We forgot to spray it but least we got the gas containers screwed on right and no one died ! See, I’m focusing on the bright side. I know I took a pic with the mrs and the grill looking goofy I gotta go find that and add it to the post ! I am sure she will not appreciate it but oh well..

Overall I am happy cuz now I have one more item from the prepping list, incase of no electricity to cook food with. Ah there is always an agenda right ? I sense a series of shopping sprees for tools for the grill coming up and hopefully I will make sure I use it more often than not. Having said that I better get back and see if the house is on fire yet !



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