Sick all year

I think having coughed up a lung I have only one left. I have been sick every single day of this year and so I can safely say I have been sick all year long ! If things don’t get better soon I am going to be very very sour. I have been able to stay up beat, the new job keeps me busy and I like it but my body is falling apart faster than a house of cards in a snow storm.

My belly has been expanding since all I ever want to eat is candy and as I type thins I am trying to waddle out of an ocean of ferrero rocher candy wrappers. I am still thinking I can pull this off and get in shape by my birthday in just over a month and that will mean getting well by the end of the week. Sigh..

So here’s to getting better, and more camera time..


PS1:  Officially sick for 16 straight days. I think I need to go to a doctor.

PS2: Also got my new camera bag from f stop and internal camera unit in Malibu blue. I got the Loka bag – Pictures soon – and I must say it made me smirk for a second before another paroxysmal bout of cough descended upon me. I will take it to work tomorrow and give it a test run I got the medium ICU but now I am thinking I should have got the small given I want to carry other junk in it and not just my camera to work. Maybe I will buy another ICU later.

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