Looks like its bronchitis now, and I guess it could have been worse like pneumonia or valley fever or something but it looks like another course of antibiotics. Thankfully it is only 5 days and I am already on day 2. The cough has subsided which is great, the mucus factory seems to be shutting down (seriously it looked like it was running on overdrive!) and my throat has appreciated both these events. I still am sleeping a dozen hours a damn day and hopefully that will help me recover a bit..

Hopefully this ends it and I can get back to my life. I really plan on getting rid of a lot of drift wood I accumulated last year and hopefully I get it done. Interesting times are up to say the least and I can’t wait to get it moving !


Update 1 : 1 more day of antibiotics and steroids and I am free and clear to get on the 90 day blitz ! The same 90 day blitz we keep trying to get on since the last year but hey there is something to be said about my persistence ! Kinda like the bugs that had me down for 21 days this year ! And its only 21 days in !


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