Jan round up.

The saving bit of the new year plan is already in place. I managed to coax myself into buying some gold and silver (took all of 10 seconds!) and I hope to keep adding. I have this hypothetical amount I would like to save in terms of gold and silver before I start diversifying to anything else and hopefully I will get there by the end of the next year. This month was exceptionally good since I could put close to 30-40% of my pay to the metals fund. Of course this means a delay in the lens purchase plans but that is something I can live with. Speaking of savings, I also managed to pay off all my credit cards, except the one I keep using day to day and that too has its balance down to almost nothing. So far I am slightly happy with this years financial progress. We also set a plan in place to pay off the house 15 years ahead and if we can keep at that that additional payment as we planned it will be swell. This has to be the highlight of my month. Frivolous purchases were slightly up but there will be close to none in the coming month and  wait…ooh its my birthday month ! But seriously I think I spend foolishly on a knife (now I have to take lessons for that) and some stuff for the mrs just because but next month I don’t see anything being purchased that we do not need. 

My workout plans have been well – just plans and I hope to get on it starting Wednesday. Wednesday simply because my wife will be in town and I need someone to kick me into the gym for a few days in a row till I get back. Once I am on the path then I can stay the course, but getting on is almost impossible on my own. 

The study plan sees small spikes but then with the health situation the way it has been nothing more than spikes but hopefully with the health bit clearing up this will get better as well. I must say I am looking forward to it. The new work situation has me on my toes and that helps as well. 

I really should get out with the camera, but then coming to think of it, I really couldn’t given how sick I was ! So in any case, the whole month has been sick fest and while that’s no way to kick off the year, I am still happy on the progress on the money side of things and the trend in the study side of it ! The health has been horrid but again , its good that it is out of the way and hopefully next month gets better. 

Argh as always running late ! More later 


Update 1 : The back yard jungle project is on hold for deep fertilizing the plants and so no new additions for now. Once I am done deep fertilizing all the plants I will get some more. That will be about 5 months from now and that should be interesting since it will be peak summer by then! (A friend called the back yard as big as a landing strip! Sigh it is tiny, I need to buy some land! All in good time I guess..) The deep fertilizing is about 125 or 150$ and for that money they better fruit the heck out when I am done. I will do the citrus for now so the lemon the grapefruit and orange will get fertilized over this coming 6 weeks and then I will get to the peach and fig once they start to get out of their winter dormancy. Also possibly if I can find a guava tree I will consider planting one.

The get millitant project is also on hold. The fine folks over at Larue still haven’t got my rifle made and I only ordered it on 03/15/2012. No thats not a typo its 2012. Imagine the waiting period. Heck I don’t even know what to think of it. They are a fine place to do business with but the wait time is a little ridiculous.  I am tempted to go get a Smith & Wesson Shield for daily carry but for now its on hold given that we are on a ‘save and save some more’ plan.

Also just found out I am in running for this clinical gig at the new work place with very very slim odds. Having said that, I did beat out one other person and have 2 more to go. This again could be more than I could handle but then the worst case scenario here is I learn a lot, as opposed to the best case scenario where I get the job and still learn a lot ! Win win !



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