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Feb Updates

Feb has been a total bitch so far. It better get better cuz I am in no mood to have my birthday month be mean to me. Heck, if I am going to go through mid life crisis I want to walk into it in a happy frame of mind. In anycase, no camera time is not helping me either so far. I just want to whine and moan but I know that will not help my case and I am trying my best to stay positive but some days it is just that much harder…

I also found out that I was not giong to get the position I wanted but I knew my chances were slim to none being the new guy in and all that but heck I hate losing. The aggravation continues…



Update 1: 02/15/2014 : Feb has stayed on course for being a pain. This is not helping my mid life crisis as I hit 35. The only thing expanding is my body fat percentage and the only thing shrinking is my bank account ! On the bright side, there always is a bright side no matter how hard it is for me to see it my filthy hoarding mentality help me stock a couple more ounces of gold and silver which for this year has had a good run. If I can keep up an ounce a month and some silver I will be a happy camper. I also got a new light for my handgun and so my prepper side is happy too but it would be happier if I stocked up some ammo.

The bad side – which is me being sick, tired and sick of being tired & tired of being sick and that jazz. None of that helps the expading waist line, the shrinking bank account or anything else for that matter. Thankfully the medical bills have not been spectacular but the outside dining has been skyrocketing in part due to the over frequenting the coffee bar. A end must come to that as well.

Unforseen expenses include car servicing but that was inevitable. All this nonsense means no 200mm f/2 yet. Darn it! Speaking of which I have not gone out to take classes either or even take the camera out. That is not excuseable. I need to need to get better at this. I will have to devise a plan. Also speaking of classes the knife classes are progressing along somewhat and that has been an expense I did not expect to run over. I will have to reasses that as well in March.

All in all lots of fun happening. Hopefully it gets better. And speaking of getting better I did sign up for the psych certification course and reading has been a mixed bag. That hopefully improves too..

Update 2: 02/27/2014 : On the surface of it, it had to be the shittiest b’day ever. But good events sometimes come with piss poor packaging and while I am being vague I think this is turning out to be the best thing that has happened yet. On the flip side all that elevated cortisol levels meant having to go out and get something and it turns out that the something was the nikon 200mm f/2. Of course this means I will need an additional obscene number of hours to pay off but it had been sitting on my wish list for the past 2 years. Heck, if not now then it would be never, and so it had to be. Speaking of camera and gear I should get it out and use it soon. This month has not been good for camera use.

2 Responses to “Feb Updates”

  1. allym007

    Sorry you had a sh*tty birthday and sorry I missed the date !!! I was so sick these last few days… not an excuse but ugh… Happy Belated Birthday anyway !!!
    Love and Hugs anyway… because you are worth it ❤ 😉


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