My journey through this thing they call life

1 week in..

Somehow I managed to get 6/7 days on medication albiet at 1/4th the dose but hey you gotta start somewhere. Besides, I dont think I want my ADD meds to throw me over to another panic attack and so I guess I am a bit more cautious.  The studying hasn’t been worth writing about but it is a work in progress. On the bright side, I did get all my pics I took from the last party I went out to processed and uploaded them on flickr. That has been good. I was plesantly surprised at the turn around time given I took them only on Sunday.

I also did bring the macro lens with me today and I think I should go down to the park and take some pics during my 30 minute lunch esp since I already ate while I was working. Besides it will get me moving around and I will be productive to a certain extent. Maybe I will bring in the 200mm on thursday and walk around with it for a while. I dunno where to go with it though to be completely honest and I am itching to take some pics. I do have a day trip to Jerome planned for friday and that should be interesting. I know I will be taking a boat load of pics and sitting on my rear tinkering with them.

Speaking of sitting on my rear the best thing to happen to my physical well being is figuring out how to put the pull up bar on the frame of the door. I have also discovered that pull ups are far greater than coffee in getting me up and going. It also makes me realize I have done from doing 20 pull ups with added weight to barely 5 with no added weight ! How low I have fallen is beyond me !

Ah yes, sheer randomness.Gotta love it. Might as well step out for lunch …


One Response to “1 week in..”

  1. allym007

    hey sweetie
    Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I hope you are doing OK.
    Life has been hectic and pain has been really bad and I haven’t been much on the computer in months and months but you are always in my thoughts. I’m catching up with your last posts right now, really love love love your pictures and pray that you are happy and doing well. 🙂
    Know that you are always on my mind, my dear dear friend ❤
    HUGS xxx


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