Romania_-39At the corner of St Francesco Griselini & Str Proclamatia de la Timisoara. I have no clue what the corner element was so I took a picture. It so turns out that in the 19th century households the owners of the household would personalize it by placing a symbol right next to the entrance which was ” the sign of the house” .

This house was bought by an Aromanian merchant called Trandafir in 1827 and decided to follow suit and installed this structure. It is an iron tree, ordered from Vienna and installed in the ground floor of the building. It is one of the most famous symbols of the city (oddly the 2 natives I was with had no clue!) and the original is in the Banat museum (which is under renovation at this time) and this is a replica which has been made by the restorer Adrian Fota.

So now you know, and as you walk past every cookie cutter home stateside, and see the bland tasteless chicken wire boxes we call home (like the one I am in..) makes you think what we could have had ..



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