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Random Rant

Funny things happen when you try and start things with friends. What in blue blazes am I talking about… let me elaborate. So me a friend decided to sell silver jewelry on Etsy. Hence that link on the right. (which btw I should take down given I haven’t got anything for sale presently) But in any case, we decided we would sell things and so he winds up sending me the items which I photographed, listed, and sold on Etsy, Ebay and any other place I could, set up the website, registered the site, got the domain name and a host of other garbage with it.

Also since he wanted to possibly move here eventually we had to do it right, and so I got licenses to sell it, tax license, country license blah blah the whole 9 yards which was an immense pain including filing the returns monthly and what not. (Who knew I needed so many licenses, and they wonder why more people don’t start things up!) Nothing sells at the margins he wants, but for a few things which was fine because we knew it would take time. Fast forward to present, he decides to go off the deep end in being religious and out the blue asks that I pay him for whatever he sent. Would have been reasonable if he has possibly accounted for all the time and effort I put in, or the money for licenses websites etc which he wanted me to do. But that seems to have been conveniently forgotten about.

So now while I am left holding x amount of silver jewelry which I have no real use for since he decided not to do much with it anymore I am out amount of money. I wouldn’t bitch about it but he wanted the money in under 24 hrs. Give me a break already. Sigh… worst part yet. He’s my best friend and I know that the dingbat is going to swing back out one fine day and then say ‘I wanna do this this and this’ and worse still I blame myself for getting him into the whole religion bit to a certain extent. Worse still, I should have known better.

Moral of the day : Write everything down and have clear time lines and expectations. Sigh.. now I know for the next time ..

Hey so maybe this isn’t a rant after all. It is more like a lesson learnt. There’s that silver lining.


2 Responses to “Random Rant”

  1. LoveandFlats

    Please tell me that Silver Lining was supposed to be a pun < 3
    You'll be able to do it without him.

    • voicesofinsanity

      hehe.. sure was. I don’t care to do it without him, it was more like I did it for him because he seemed like he really wanted to. Thankfully silver doesn’t rot away and looks like my wife just hit the accessory jackpot!


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