My journey through this thing they call life

People watching


She was very beautiful, but I could tell something was off. She was our waitress too, so while talking to her, her smile seemed forced, or something was just not right. Later we found out she was in miserable pain and had to leave for the day. It’s never nice to know people are hurting and there is not a thing you can do for them.. such is life I guess..


3 Responses to “People watching”

  1. Ankit Mishra

    You can do something for them.. šŸ™‚ talk to them & make them feel that things do get better..!

      • Ankit Mishra

        Superb that you did the best you could! But people who are in such pain needs to be talked to.. they want someone who can hear there all problems!
        Hope.. next time you found her smiling and energizing the place.. šŸ™‚

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