Ramblings of the insane

Today I was faced with the dilemma of pre-ordering the Fuji X100T or getting an ounce of the shiny stuff, and maybe some silver. Heck with that smack down in prices I had to get me some silver at the very least. I started buying silver at $35, and remembering buying some at $50 an ounce, at $17.87 it was a deal and everyone knows Indians love deals ! So the shiny stuff won out, and I got me an ounce of gold and some silver. Isn’t it talk or think like a pirate day ? Don’t pirates love gold ! The Fuji will have to wait.. maybe there will be an X100U out by then ! Or maybe I can wait till Christmas and get the Nikon 20mm 1.8G and play with that for a while.

Everyone tells me I’m a fool for the gold buying, (They aren’t Indians I tell you that much!) I personally think it will go lower, not because I am a genius chartist or have insider information, but it has been going down for a while and given how things in the world I see shaping up, I think it will go down to $800 but whatever, I will dollar cost average my loses and call it even. Besides it is money I cannot spend and they always stays !

Of course they tell me that I should max out that 401k, maybe do a roth, heck even buy a house.. but something about knowing the money is still there at the bottom of that proverbial lake where all those boating accidents take place makes me feel better. Once I reckon I have enough, just as an insurance policy I will possibly stop buying. I think I am a good 2 years out before I stop, if I can commit to just doing this and not buying frivolous junk…then maybe I will grow up and start that Roth IRA they keep talking about or buy land or something…

In other news a quick trip to the motherland might be in short order. My father did have a stroke so it looks like I will be going back sooner and not in the manner I would have liked. My sister goes Tuesday so that should be interesting to see what she sees. Everyone tells me everything is fine but my trust is a little short. Every single time I say I am fine, I know I am not but then that’s what we do.. nothing’s wrong till it all falls apart and you cannot deny it anymore.

I try not to talk about things, it doesn’t fix anything.. makes the mind wander.. gets me upset.. everything seems out of control, my life amounting to nothing .. see there I go again. Maybe I should post some pics instead..


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