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Bit by the ‘Mod’ Bug (BBTMB) – I

Simply becuase I can’t ever have any without finding something to throw it away into right ? Its my 2015 Toyota 4runner. So lets get cracking on what I have spent money so far besides the fact that I went out and got a new car for no good reason other than just wanting one.

1. New wheels MHT-10004– Why – I don’t even know anymore. I got the fuel boost wheels in a 18×9. The stock wheels were 17×9. Why the heck did I get them. Well, I don’t really know. I do like the way they look and how it would contrast the light gray of the vehicle and the machined highlights would aid in providing a contrast without being all black. Also it looked great on the website build your vehicle option of all the ones I saw. Ah I see my shallowness has returned to haunt me.

Why the size ? I am not quiet sure yet. But for now they are what I got. I also changed the wheels from the stock 265/70 to 285/65. It was difficult to visualize for me what this all meant, I decided to get an image for it. So here we have the difference visualized. Of course it would be easier to put up the before and after on the vehicle but I still have to install them/get them installed. I’ll explain in a second what gives. But here is the difference in going from one size wheel and rim combination to another.


The 3.1.% increase means almost nothing when you are driving 35mph in the city. I reckon it would make a difference if you think you wont get a speeding ticket if you do +10 over the speed limit but in reality your speed is more and you are more likely to get ticketed.  Either way, this helped me visualize the change in tire/wheel size more than any number would have. For the tires I got the Toyo Open Country AT2 as they came highly recommended. I was looking at the Nito Grapplers as well given how beautiful (aggressive) they look but was sold on the Toyo by the dealer.

The bigger wheels and tires came about because I was getting a 3 inch lift on the suv. And while this may make me, according to a friend  ‘ the darkest redneck i’ve ever known’ I do like the before and afters I have seem with the lift thrown in. I went with the ICON stage 3 lift with the adjustable trac bars from the folks over at Metal Tech 4×4. They not only had the best price and a 30 day price drop guarantee, (no need to wait till black friday) they answered every question I asked. I wonder how many Tylenols they had to take !

Now I did get a higher rated spring from them – 700s vs 600s because I do see a front and rear bumper addition by Feb and possibly more accessories later on in the year, the higher rating of the spring will bear the load better. This also means till I do get the bumpers the ride will be a bit stiff.

So thats the story for now. So while this is all to be done after the suspension ships in 2 weeks or so, the wait begins and so does paying off the bills ! And just when you need some overtime, there is none to be had !

More to follow


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