So the mid life crisis continues unabated. To make things worse, my mid life crisis has devolved into a beer gut , and the only 8 pack I’ve seen has been beer. Talk about problems rolling in one after the other. I mean I really cannot blame the gut as an overnight incident but i dont think I can put away the drinks like i used to ! I sound like one of those people who called 30’s a good year. Where has this life gone. I am already at the end of march and I only remember nye like it was yesterday. Time is flying by way too quickly for my liking.

The great big debt struggle seems like there are signs of improvement. Hopefully if I can sell the car by the end of next week that should see a big big relief on the load. It would take about 40- 50% off the overall amount and that will definitely ease the burden and keep me on track for a April end debt free target.

Work has been the same as my life – stagflationary but hopefully i get to do some reading soon and the testing in Oct will go well. Also my folks will be in town on Monday so that should bring up all kinds of fun in my life. I seriously need to get out and shoot some pics or at least finish up the ones from Romania ..

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