More car stuff

image This is how it sits now. I got the rear bumper on and I can barely squeeze it in the garage. This promises tons of ton backing into the spot. The bumper itself is from CBI Off Road  who are great folks to work with and are based out of ID. In the only gripe I have about them, they give lousy install directions. I got the directions from the T4R forum and had Steve over at Sonoran Steel in Phoenix install them for me. He says I helped but I wouldn’t go that far. Speaking of which if anyone needs a toyota mechanic in the valley, I would highly recommend him. Speaking of things done to the car, < I know, it an SUV but I just like calling it a car! > I am still waiting on the darn dual battery which has yet to show. To make things more annoying than it should be, I ordered it back in December and we are almost in April now. In all fairness the person making it was sick, got hospitalized, his dog died and his wife got sick too. Also he is the nicest person to talk to on the phone and is very generous with his time. Now that I wrote that out, I guess I am not all that cranky about it anymore. But that is the sticking block holding everything up. We are all so close to being all done. That and I also wound up ordering 2.5 suspension from Radflo after talking to Steve. So yea, that wasnt planned either.

On the stupid expenses bit, I was going strong till I wound up adding to the whiskey stockpile. I wound up finding a bottle of Glenmorangie Companta at my local liquor store and then wound up ordering a bottle of the Glenmorangie Tusail. I justified it saying they are limited editions but we all know that is a lame justification at best. On the bright side, I did manage to sell the  Mercedes and that does save me some money on the insurance end and making the last remaining 4 payments go. So maybe a celebratory purchase was in order right? I know more self justification of my destructive behaviors. Speaking of saving money i did switch out my insurances and so I saved enough money to buy me almost a bottle of whiskey. I know, still lame. I’ll think of something. ~voi

I give up, today has been a shitty day. How shitty ? Funny you ask.. it was bad enough for me to go hunting for Nutella and of course the grocery had a bottle of the 2014 Ardbeg Committee release sitting there gathering dust. So now to the list we add Supernova 2014 but the only problem, the damn bottle did not have a box and if my google skills are to be believed then it did not come with a box to the US. Oh well, I know there isn’t anymore coming out soon and the next committee release is on May 30th.  Maybe I can get together a group buy with some friends and save some money !  Anyways, any day I spend close to 500$ on whisky is a bad bad day and not just financially. Heck this makes lesser sense each time I think about it. I need some sleep .. less than 6 hrs of sleep in 2 -3 days is not good for my finances.

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