New Beginnings

I know I keep telling myself I should make an effort to write daily and daily I have failed. Here is an effort , feeble as it may be for today.

The best part about being ill, and still coming into work is that my usual vitriol is turned off and I just sit and stare into what seems like nothingness for the external observer. It was such a shock for some that the usual sarcasm was missing I had a few people ask me if I was ok ! Jokes aside, I think it is a good enough sign that i need to dial it down a notch. It is just that at times, asinine behaviour irks me and I have to say something. I take that back, at all times, incompetence irks me and I have to say something or the other.

I also managed to make a tangible plan to eliminate all debt and start saving money. See, being sick as a dog is not a bad thing after all. Slowing down has definitely made me realize that running head first into nowhere is not a good idea and you can only run for so long. So I managed to transfer all my outstanding debt into a no interest card which I plan on eliminating in 3 months which should be very do-able. To be very honest, the extent of the debt has been cut to 50% in the past 5 months or so. I also started saving 5 % (to begin with) in a 401k (I have no faith in the system but at a 3% match, it is a chance I am agreeable with taking. ) and 10% in precious metals and once the cards are paid off I will increase the savings in cash on hand and metals to 50% of my income.

My parents will be in town for another week and I am making an effort to spend more time with them when I can and I have come to realize that loft career goals means putting my life on hold and it is not something I am willing to do. In stead I am going to return to being a student for life. I want to get back to taking photography seriously and maybe start going to a community college for the same and will make that decision in the next 3 months. Also in line will be the BCPS test in October and perhaps making some travel plans so I do not live to work and can readjust the farce that is my work life balance.

As with most things my patience is minimal and that has been a problem for much of my life. I will need to work on doing things in a slow and steady manner. I really need to understand that things take time and that regardless of my desire to get it done now, and be done with it, things just are not going to be that way. This is the biggest reason I have found myself in the debt hole and the predicaments I find myself at work. I just think it should be done and done now, and of course no one else shares my time line, esp not my paycheck !

So why wait for a new year when I can start building myself back up and building better today. Here’s to a new start,



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