Day 2

4runner front bumper

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

What a beautiful quote. I think I should try get a quote a day. If nothing else it will force me to meditate on it for a little moment in time before I get bogged down by the drudgery of everyday living.

Now what better way to try and squeeze in a post than to talk about the endless saga that is modifying my 4runner. Oddly enough I have come to realize it is looking more and more like my favourite toy from when I was an angry little boy. I had a big red truck that was remote controlled and had a winch. I had it or the longest time and even when I quit playing with silly toys it was still by far the favourite item I had. Of course, some punk ass little kid came and decided to twirl it and toss it over head by holding on to the radio antenna and it was never quite the same again.

Getting back to the truck in the picture, the front bumper has gone on but it looks like the installation process is taking much longer than expected. There is also the winch and dual battery install that had to happen and along with it, the skid plated and lights. So it turns out the battery installation instructions were generic at best and took several calls to get sorted out and the skid plates from shrockworks had the powder coat filled in the threads and it took them longer than anticipated. Not anything I know anything about but that’s what i was told. Long story short, they need another day and you know what, sometimes somethings just cannot be rushed.

Tomorrow will also see the beginning of the abstinence from alcohol and this is in light of the recent consumption of the Chivas Royal Salute, the Jura Prophecy, and the Macallan in a span of a few months. While it doesn’t appear to be much when i phrase it in those terms, given the time I spend at work, it was way too little time. I also wound up spending more on liquor than I care for, albeit for gifting purposes primarily, it was getting out of control. Given that I am trying to be frugal this would probably be a move in the right direction.

I have also managed to eventually get over this damned cold/flu that has been tormenting me for the past week to a certain extent. This will perhaps enable me to return to trying to get back in shape and complete that 2010 resolution of getting down to some ridiculously low body fate percentage. Of course, some goals are too idealistic and unattainable or un-maintainable but it is nice to have something to work towards.

Speaking of goals to work to, this week i also managed to go to the freemason meeting, I have another 4 months to go through before I can apply and I am looking forward to it. I cannot believe i has only taken me close to ten years to get this far. I have been wanting to join forever but I had been unable to find the time to attend meetings regularly or actually stay in the same area for more than a few years. Interestingly this is the first time since ’05 that I have been in any place for a long enough time to actually follow thru on this. As with many of my new year resolutions, this time I may complete one from 06 or so. Better late than never I guess !

Having said as much there is no way I can possibly squeeze out another 100  odd words today (trying to get to 750 words a day) and so this will have to suffice. Hopefully tomorrow will have more pictures of the finished truck and everything else and of course the sticker shock for the whole installation process which has now run from 3 days to 7.You know, looking back at that image, I could use some fog lights but oh well, that will just have to wait till later!




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