Day 5

I missed 2 days. Well, today is a quasi miss too since this will be short. I wanted to make the effort to try and squeeze a small post in since it beats nothing. The past few days of working in the IV room have been hellish to say the very least. Add to it the fact I worked the night till 2300 and was back in at 0530 on the first of the 2 days, it will make more sense why it felt that way. I try not to talk about work or complain much about it since it almost seems pointless. But excuses are to be made for missing posts and what better one than work !

in all fairness, I could still have posted but with my parents going back home, I have been trying to spend as much time as i can with them, and given it is a 50 mile trip to my sisters place, one way, I have been racking up the miles on my odometer.

Over the next few days I hope to get a more sensible post in, but for now I will stop.


PS: I picked up the truck but as with everything, there is more fine tuning to be done before it can be finally said to be done. I am still wondering what possessed me when I decided to jump on this endeavor. What an expense of time and money it has been ! Pictures soon !

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