Day 7

5 days later, here we are. I caved an bought a kindle, best decision yet. My first books is ‘In search of the miraculous ‘ by P. D. Ouspensky and so far it has been a great read. I hate saying I binged and bought more books than I care for right now but given all the academic reading that is due I figured this would be a good distraction.  Speaking of books, the furniture should be coming in for the new study room in a few weeks and that should see me being reduced to a semi permanently hunched over position with my books. Is it wrong I am looking forward to this ! Sigh, with the BCPS at 600$ to take, I better get cracking soon.

Speaking of being hunched over a desk, this weekend I managed to rake, and reseed the back yard, and build a planter and plant some arugula, chilies, rosemary tomatoes, crookneck squash, cantaloupes and spinach. It was a tiered planter so I got the most bang I could for my space.  I should take some pictures but the spinach has yet to sprout, perhaps once it does. I also managed to harvest some egg plants and zucchini this past weekend so I am pretty happy with the overall garden work. I reckon it is the most outdoor work I will be getting in a while and the weather was as good as it is going to get for some time in AZ so I had to exploit it.

The truck (I know the never ending saga that it is) goes in to get the switches and plugs finalized and then next week it gets its on board air compressor. After that I will have zero reasons not to go off road. Well actually I could use air lockers but it is slated for thanksgiving ! I also got the covers for the lights and overall I like the way it looks.

On the spiritual front things are a wreck, on the financial front, it makes the spiritual side look stellar, the personal life, make the financials look like a rock star and the emotional inner self is a mess that makes the rest look pristine. if one thinks thats bad, I would talk about my career trajectory but I am not in the mood to cry about it now !  I know, how fun is that right ? I really ought to post more pics ! Anything to deflect from the melancholy that this past few years have been. 5 more to go says the astrologer, I do not know how much longer says the voice in my head.

I guess, I can keep calm and chant Om…

Cheers !


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