Day 8

I just found out yesterday my closest friend here in the US is actually moving to another state. We have worked together for the past 3 years and i had subconsciously thought he would be staying till possibly forever. But all things must end and good things are no exception to the rule. Oddly the opposite doesn’t seem to hold true but then again, time is not quite known to fly when you are not having fun.

Work is reduced a constant battle of wits with myself and not losing my sanity over the clear mismanagement and ineptocracy the place has become. I remind myself I am not a true stakeholder and merely a dispensable peon so there is only so many times I can express outrage over the clear lack of leadership without getting canned or making the short list. Given the wonderful state of the economy I am reminded by the little voice in my head that I should probably shut up and put up.

Another small post, but I have to run. I have more errands lined up than I can care to think about right now !


Update: Another day where everyone is irritating, as is everything around me. I give up, I realize I’m irritable and easily aggravated. It’s been a lousy day at work and it’s spilling over into my life. I don’t need this aggravation. Everything is on thin ice at home .. I do not need to have this boil over to disrupt a very delicate balance.. This powerlessness to change things around me drives me up the wall. Throw in lack of sleep and you might as well hand the keys to a gas tanker to a pyromaniac along with a box of matches, there is bound to be fire…

I need a break, from this drudgery not just work. I want a break from this toil and pain , fruitless labor done endlessly, I am tired today

You know how some days you just throw in the towel and wish you could just quit. Today was one of them.


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