Day 10

Best part of reading, I get to run into interesting people and I think this is because subconsciously I am craving company to talk to and just be with. I got to talk to someone very interesting yesterday whom I had met before but did not have an opportunity to really engage in conversation of any value. This time , in a bar of all places, we had an actual meaningful conversation. Shocking, I know, and she reads books I like ! Woot woot! So she may enjoy her recreational substance use a tad bit too much but who am I to say too much given I don’t do any. She was awesome and I like surrounding myself with people I have something to talk about. To make it a nicer week, I also ran into another guy who I had met over 4 years ago and had meant to get in touch with for the longest time. I had forgotten to save his number so I was at a loss for how to get in touch with him.

So today when I ran out to get the new Arbeg perpetuum which had hit the stores by me  during my lunch break ( I know, I am not proud)  and on my way back (But it was only 2 miles away and they had it in stock!!) I randomly decided to stop by my favourite coffee shop (purely on a whim) and lo and behold I see him there. I did the whole not saving the number again but I checked my phone before I left and I was thankful I did since I had taken his number down and not saved it again.


Here is a picture of the front bumper and lights for now. I did manage to replace the winch hook with a flatlink and the red d ring isolators with black ones. For carrying my camera around a lot I sure need to take more pictures. Once the switches are all updated and the finalized I will get better at taking pictures of it. Or maybe I will bring the camera tomorrow and take some pictures. We’ll see.. I must admit I like the way it turned out.  I am excited to get the air compressor and hopefully take it off road. I have been spending way too much time at work and I think that will soon change and I am looking forward to enjoying more time outside I would really like to throw on some morimoto fogs update the front suspension to add reservoirs and secondary suspension, blah blah… but I like being out of debt more than any of that so the front suspension will have to wait, and so will the fogs. Maybe I will get that damn promotion eventually and then I can go out and celebrate with new something or the other. Who knows ?

Overall I am feeling a little more positive and upbeat , also I dont think my buddy is leaving since the place he was supposed to go to decided to low ball him. Sweet ! That may have something to do with my enhanced mood. Also 10 posts this month. Quiet the accomplishment given that I have been neglecting this for a while. Admittedly not many hit my imaginary 750 word target but overall some effort is right now a step in the right direction and I am enjoying it.


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