Day 9

On the debt watch clock, I managed to cut the outstanding debt a little further. I got the discover card which is my biggest source of pain down to 8000. Sigh.. I know, its quiet the number. The Amazon store card got paid off and is now joining the realm of things paid off. One step closer at a time.

To take a break from Gurdjieff I decided read Mindy Kalings book, and while as beautiful as she is it was probably a bad idea to transition from one to the other. I couldnt quiet get myself to finish it and  then went to further away from reading a comedy by reading about Qatar’s use of slavery for the modern age to build its stadium and how for every seat built in the VIP section 2 workers are expected to die. I wondered when US would bring democracy to KSA or Qatar or any of those filthy holes run by subhumans only to come to the conclusion the answer would be never. Pro US tyrannies tend to be ok and last for ever with the media not uttering a peep about the beheadings in KSA or the slavery in the rest of the ME. Then I went back to searching for the miraculous.


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