Day 11

11 days in a month. Best blogging month of the year. Also 4 days to the gym makes it the most successful gym week of the year. I also am happy to announce i still got it , whatever you want that to mean. Work has been aggravating as always but there is nothing new there and I am working on letting it roll off me like water off a ducks back.

I think my slightly depressed phase may also have come to pass and while it truly may not have, I know if i stay positive it will be a surmountable challenge. I just have to act ‘as if’ I am happy or well I think it is called as fakin’ it till you’re makin’ it. I know it sounds infantile, but it is what it is.

Another skinny post unlike myself right now but I have decided i am going to fit in them pants again and it will be dress up day all day err’ day. Yes, its coming. Too bad they dont make comfortable shoes else I would have been in them already regardless of having to buy new pants. I really should work on that idea. Grr…

Here to July, may it be a prosperous one, financially, spiritually and emotionally.



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