Day 1

Half way through this financial wreck of a year things are slowly starting to look better. Perhaps there is hope after all. Staying on the positive side of things, I did get an interview call from the boss lady and I am not sure if this is merely an interview for the sake of having one or if she is actively considering my candidacy. Either way there is only one way to find out and she better bet her bottom dollar I will pay every card in the deck to get it. To be honest I would rather go work for my old boss man over at the cancer center but I don’t think I want to put my eggs in one basket at this point. I also do not want to get too excited about things because it means that I am potentially setting myself up for needless heartache. Attachment is the cause of all misery afterall.

2 more days to go to portland, and that means today I have to pack , figure out what to take, find where the camera and gear is, and hopefully make the masons meeting today. So much to do in so little time. I really need to get better at managing my time. But first, I have to get through today.. now where is that coffe pot.


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