Day 2

Spoke too soon. The trip to PDX wasnt cheap, actually nothing there is cheap. Even though Portland doesn’t have sales tax everything seemed more expensive. I did notice that real estate was esp higher but I wasn’t in the market to get a house anyway. Actually a recent report put Portland as one of the places where the millennials were priced out of the housing market, and a few months ago ZH had portland as one of the 45 traditionally unaffordable markets with price appreciation outpacing wage growth

Having said as much, I loved the place. I know right, go figure. They have 58 breweries in the city, more than any other city on earth I’m told. And while sadly the beer outnumbered my stomachs woefully poor capacity to try them all in the short amount of time I was there.

Another freemason meeting day. Things are looking up and life is overall staying positive ! Also I got to read about the rise of the praetorian class which was interesting. More so was this little bit about the british empire  the filth that pollutes the earth. Meh.. sometimes you wonder about humanity..

More later


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