Cluster continues

And I thought yesterday was bad. 6 call outs, incompetent people leaving work they should have done yesterday in a timely manner for me to deal with and the joy in knowing that they get paid more than I do. That was today. I looked visibly beat up, so much so I had someone come in and tell me they thought I needed to go for a walk or take a break so that I don’t fall apart. I didn’t think I did but I  sure did come close.

So what does one do after a day like that, go to happy hour with the same people he should not be socializing with according to HR. Well I have some choice words to say to them but the last HR liaison we had was one of the nicest people I’ve met in a while and so I really cannot hate on them just as much as I used to. On the bright side in about 15 days I start my photography course at the local community college and I am looking forward to it.

And for the nth month in a row I get to be on call. I think this is month 9 maybe we are on. Just great. Monday should be fun, asking for more money always is more entertaining than people think. Its not incumbent upon me to make the case for lesser pay, its on them and all I have to do is prove them wrong. Nothing could be more fun than taking 3 -4 weeks off and leaving to India and getting back and asking them how it worked out for them.

Ah one can only dream. .. ~ voi

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