Making it a habit

I am slowly getting in the habit of staying in the office space we converted the bedroom into. The Murphy bed is great for when you need guests and I’ve been trying to spend more and more time up here. I managed to finish one of the online training  I have been putting away forever. It was not without its moments but I think completing it has been a good start all things considered.

I also managed to move some books around and make the office space more office looking like. I would like to eventually  move the cameras and lenses in here as well. But for now this will have to do. I did managed to make a mess of the desktop but I hope to clear it out in due course and get things situated.

Today has not been a bad day. I managed to install the new wireless router we got in today. We got the ASUS RT-AC88U and while it was pricey, the last ASUS router we had brought was about 3 years ago if not more. I did not get the modem we had ordered, the last time we got a modem was in 2011(!!),  but that should be in Monday and then the wireless upgrading for the house will be done. The installation and set up of the wireless router was a breeze and ASUS has made it real easy with their user interface to get this done. I was rather garish looking if you listened to my partner but I thought it looked kinda cool ! Maybe I should take out the macro lens and maybe take some pictures, that could be fun.

I think once I get the monitor I wanted to get which will most likely have to be next month or so , I think the office evolution will move closer to what I want. I think the LG Ultrawide is the one that will fit with the murphy bed so I will be getting it eventually.

Given that I am trying to stay indoors more and focus more on reading and working on what needs to be done and has been long overdue this is a move in the right direction.  Besides this beats spending money on clothes and other junk like I normally do. More so it behooves me to use the home office space more given that I am investing more in this that I normally would.

Actually the part about buying clothes is not true, I have not purchased clothing in a long time, I keep putting it in my cart and walking away from them more than anything else.

Up next I will try and review some excel training online via Udemy  I did find one of their classes on excel shortcuts useful and I really think I should get to doing more of them.

Time to get my lazy rear off the seat and walk around a bit !


PS: Did I mention that if I could marry SnagIt I would !!




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