More learning

I was trying to get into the habit of typing out 250 words daily. Yesterday, I did not quite make it that far. I thought of knocking something out but I was too tired for it. On the bright side, I realized something, I cant juggle too many things all of which take up the same finite resource – Time. There is a limit to the number of things that demand exclusive attention that I can squeeze into a 24 hr time period.

I think it would be best if I could curtail the number of hours I sleep but before I get to doing that I think it is best if I optimize my workflow and minimize my distractions around tasks that I work on. Normally I have noticed that I tend to be too involved in the work of my direct reports and I need to step away from it. I think I need to find a way to empower them so that I can not deal with this anymore. The scheduling is the biggest burden of the work week and there should be a way to automate this to a certain extent.

Regardless, I need to be able to approach this in a mutli dimensional way. I understand that the schedule is a time suck and I should be able to find a way to automate this and more importantly there are other things that can be done while working on the schedule part simultaneously. I need to learn to block times out so that i can accomplish tasks without waiting till the last minute and I should also be able to ask for more help. I do think that at this point I am doing much more than I need to. I need to able to find a way to communicate this to my leader but for this I will need to categorize the extent of the work that I do and then see what I wish to off load from my plate

So here’s to an exciting week ahead !


PS:Another thing I have learned is that you can get whatever you want but you have to be willing to give up everything else for it. So it is now incumbent upon to me to prioritie things I want and let the rest drop off on to the wayside.

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