Its the weekend. I did nothing.. well almost nothing. I managed to install a drip irrigation line from a hose outside which was not used and then connect them to all the external pots that was not getting water all along. This was quite an undertaking for me and while it was simple in itself given the basic work I did, it was time consuming. I could not believe that the amount that someone would charge to do this while it can be done in no time if I had someone to help me and I had done this before. I ran the hose along the periphery of the wall and used a feeder tube to supply water to the pots that needed it. I also managed to move some rather giant pots I had around and in the process found more bugs than I could have wanted.

While the task was easy it literally took all morning and went well into the afternoon. On the bright side I got all the vitamin D that I need and that will be the most I will be going out anytime in the immediate future. It was nice to be outside as opposed to being cooped up inside the office under the unflattering glow of cfls staring at a screen.

I also managed to tape up some trees to prevent sun damage, and  as I reflect back on the day, the irony of not wearing any sun screen is not lost upon me  ! I also managed to stake back a rose tree/bush which had been drooping over for way too long and this actually spruced up the front of the house as well.

Now to actually run the system for a few days and see how it works out. There is one little quirk where a point drains out into nowhere which I have yet to try and duct tape or find another solution but so far that is the only little glitch in the overall effort.

On the bright side, I think it is the bright side, Mercury  goes off retrograde today and on May 29th Mars goes off retrograde. Mercury in retrograde normally means communications go haywire but isnt that always true. Anyway, this done, and well, Mars, the God of War <sex, whatever> is going to be going to be intense. Starting off in Saggitaruis, a fire sign to Scorpio, a sign it rules should be interesting. I’m told that it is unwise to start a war when Mars is in retrograde but that doesn’t mean one does not defend oneself. If nothing else I guess I can lay the foundation of  the next strike.


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